Famous Temples in Goa | Goa Famous Temple

Temples in Goa

Goa is the place where millions of people visit every year not only for chilling, if you think Goa is the place for chilling then you have missed culturally rich temples in Goa. This place has many historical and ancient temples and every place has its own uniqueness that pulls millions of people from all over the world. If you’re planning to trip to Goa then must visit the ancient and historical temples in Goa here we are providing a list of famous temples in Goa, India. Sri Mangesh Temple, Swayambhu Shree Mahadev Mandir, Tambdi Surla is famous shiva temple in goa.

Famous Temples in Goa

  1. Mahadev Temple Tambdi Surla

  2. Mahamaya Kalika Devasthan Kasarpal

  3. Mandodari temple Betki

  4. Mangeshi Temple

  5. Nagueshi Temple

  6. Ramnathi Temple

  7. Saptakoteshwar Temple

  8. Shanta Durga Temple

  9. Shantadurga Kalangutkarin Temple

  10. Shree Betal temple

  11. Shri Vijayadurga Temple

  12. Vimleshwar Temple

  13. Mahalasa Narayani Temple

  14. Shree Devaki Krishna Ravalnath Temple

  15. Shri Damodar Temple Zambaulim

  16. Chamundeshwari Temple Goa

  17. Shiroda Kamakshi Temple