Mahayogi Lakshmamma Temple
Kurnool District Temples

Adoni – Mahayogi Lakshmamma – Avva – Temple – Timings, History, Images

Mahayogi Lakshmamma Temple: Adoni Lakshmamma Temple is located in Adoni in Kurnool district.Bhagavan Sri Mahayogi Lakshmamma was a supremely sublime Avadhoota. She was born into a poor family in Moosaanipalli, a small village seven kilometres from Adoni. Gundamma and Bandeppa were the lucky parents. Mahayogi Lakshmamma Temple History: Mahayogi Lakshmamma was running around nude, mumbling seemingly incomprehensible words because she …

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amritdhara waterfall
Indian Tourist Places

Amritdhara Waterfall – Location, Distance, Image, Chhattisgarh

Amritdhara falls: Amritdhara Waterfall is a natural waterfall in the Koriya district of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Its source is the Hasdeo River, which is a tributary of the Mahanadi. The drop is 50 kilometres from Chirmiri and 30 kilometres from Manendragarh. The Amritdhara Falls is conveniently located on NH 43 between Manendragarh and Baikunthpur. The Amritdhara Waterfall, located …

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Katiki Waterfalls
Indian Tourist Places

Katiki Waterfalls – Timings, Distance, Height, Images

Katiki Waterfalls: The Katiki Waterfalls are named after Katiki, the town where they are found. The 50-foot-high waterfall is about 4 kilometres from Borra Caves. Katiki Waterfalls are located near the Gosthani River and are surrounded by greenery and clear water.Between the Borra Caves and Kasalaka railway stations is Katiki Falls.Tunnel No. 44 can be seen from the Hills. Purchase …

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Tada Falls
Indian Tourist Places

Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls – Tada Falls – Trekking, Entry Fees, Distance, Images

Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls: Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls (also known as Tada Falls) is a waterfall in India’s Chittoor district, near Oneness Temple and Sricity. It is a magnificent sight to see a crystal clear waterfall falling from a height of 100 metres. 1st The falls are 80 kilometres (50 miles) from Chennai and 35 kilometres (22 miles) from Srikalahasti, and are part of …

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Vuyyuru Veeramma Talli Temple
Temple Andra Pradesh Temples

Vuyyuru – Veeramma Talli – Temple, Tirunallu, History, Photos

Vuyyuru Veeramma Talli Temple: Every year in the month of Magha and on the day of Maghashuddha Ekadashi, the Vuyyuru Veeramma Talli Temple Tirumallu, which are well-known in Krishna district, begin and last for 15 days (February). The town of Vuyyuru, as well as the nearby villages, are booming these 15 days. Vuyyuru Veeramma Talli Temple History: Near the Vuyyuru …

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vedadri temple
Andra Pradesh Temples

Vedadri – Narasimha Swamy, Temple, Timings, History, Images

Vedadri Temple : Vedadri Temple is an important shrine of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy that flourished on the holy banks of the Krishna River. Vedadri Narasimha Temple is only 10 kilometers from ‘chillakallu’ on National Highway No.9, which connects Vijayawada and Hyderabad. Vedadri Temple History : According to the “Bramhand Purana,” Somaksura, a demon of yore, stole the four Vedas …

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talakona waterfalls
Indian Tourist Places

Talakona – Waterfalls, Temple, Timings, Resorts, Images

Talakona Waterfalls: The Talakona waterfalls is located in the Sri Venkateswara National Park in the Andhra Pradesh state of India’s Chittoor District. Talakona is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh, with a 270-foot (82-meter) drop. Talakona is also renowned for the Lord Siddeswara Swamy Temple, which is near to the waterfall. Talakona is a waterfall resort with thick forests and …

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aundha nagnath temple
Maharashtra Temples

Aundha Nagnath Temple – History, Timings, Accommodation, Images

Aundha Nagnath Temple : Aundha Nagnath Temple is an ancient Shiva temple and Jyotirlinga located in the Maharashtra district of Hingoli. Aundha Nagnath Temple History : Aundha Nagnath (Nageshwaram) is a pilgrimage site in the district of Hingoli in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The current temple is said to have been built in the 13th century by the Seuna …

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