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Penuganchiprolu Tirupatamma Temple – Timings, History, Images

Penuganchiprolu Tirupatamma Temple :

Tirupatamma Temple Penuganchiprolu is a village in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, in the Krishna district. It is the Penuganchiprolu mandal headquarters in the revenue division of Vijayawada.

Penuganchiprolu, previously known as “Pedakanchi.” In Penuganchprolu Tirupatamma , there are more than 101 temples. One of the Great Piligrim Sites in Andhra Pradesh is Penuganchiprolu. The temple named Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma Devastanam has “Sri Laxmi Tirupathamma, Gopaiah” the Great Goddess. More than ten lakes of Piligrams visit the temple every year. Thousands of women at Penuganchiprolu bear Bonalu (Recipi Cooked With Rice, Milk And Jaggery) as an offering for the Temple Fair (Tirunallu). Sri Tirupatamma Ammavari Temple is a prime attraction.

Penuganchiprolu Tirupatamma Temple History :

Established as far back as the seventeenth century, Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma temple penuganchiprolu attracts streams of devotees throughout the year and is one of the most prominent temples in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, whose phenomenal growth began from the date of her immolation (Agnipravesham).

Lakhs of devotees visit the temple every year seeking blessings from Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma talli(Mother / Goddess) during Tirunallu (Ritual celebrated during March and April months). Penuganchiprolu is a village situated in the Andhra-Pradesh state of Krishna district, India. This position is on the frontier between the districts of Krishna and Khammam.

In the Penuganchiprolu Temple, Sri Tirupatamba is worshipped as the ‘Shakti’ image. She preached her devotees virtuous qualities of life and made her abode at Penuganchiprolu. Her principal devotee was Mudiraj Papamamba and hence her family members are ordained in the Temple to perform poojas and other sevas.

There were 101 temples in ancient times, according to legend, and so it was considered Pedakanchipuram. Muniyeru (a stream) flowed along the Temple, and with the divine power of Moudgalya Maharishi it was said to have been founded and hence named after him.

Penuganchiprolu Temple Timings :

Penuganchiprolu Tirupatamma Temple Timings are:

Every day 5.00 am to 8.30 pm

Tirupatamma Temple Celebrated Festivals:

Pedda Thirunallu – Every year from Magha Pournami, celebrated for 5 days.

Chinna Thirunallu – Five days of celebration every year from Phalguna Pournami.

Color Festival – This festival, which begins after Sankranthi, is celebrated once every two years.

Tirupatamma Temple penuganchiprolu Address :

Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma Ammavari Temple,


Krishna District,

Andhra Pradesh – 521190.

penuganchiprolu temple phone number – 08678-283704.

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Penuganchiprolu Temple Images :

Penuganchiprolu Tirupatamma Temple

Penuganchiprolu Tirupatamma Temple History

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