Vakula Matha Temple | Vakula Devi Temple | Tirupati | Andhra Pradesh

Vakula Matha Temple | Vakula Devi Temple | Tirupati | Andhra Pradesh

 Vakula Devi:-

Vakula Devi is Lord Venkateswara's foster mother. As per the Tirumala legend, when Yasoda, the foster mother of Lord Krishna (avatar of Lord Vishnu), complains to him that she could not witness any of his marriages, it dates back to Dvapara Yuga. To this, Lord Krishna responds that he will ensure that later in Kali Yuga she will get such a chance.

Lord Vishnu adorns the world in Kali Yuga as Lord Venkateswara and Yasoda is reborn as Vakula Devi, Lord Venkateswara's foster mother, to arrange his marriage to King Akasa Raja 's daughter, Padmavati. Vakula Devi thus fulfils her desire to see Lord Venkateswara's kalyanam (wedding).

Vakula Matha temple:

Since Vakula Matha exemplifies the mother-son relationship best as a loving force in the life of Lord Venkateswara, a temple in her name was built around 300 years ago on Perurubanda hill, around the picturesque village of Perur. The temple, situated within 10 kilometres of the Tirumala hills, is devoted to over 50 acres of land. This temple was built in such a way that the face of matha faces the Seven Hills, where her son, Lord Venkateswara, resides, as per the wishes of Vakula maata (mother).

The love and affection between the mother-son is so obvious that naivedyam ('bhogh' in Hindi) is first offered to the mother and only later at Tirumala to Lord Venkateswara. To indicate naivedyam offered to the mother, the Priests ring the large bells at Vakula matha temple, and later the priests at Tirumala send offerings to Lord Venkateswara. This was the custom that prevailed the days before, until the temple was demolished and its glory was lost.

Vakula Devi Temple Address:

Vakula Devi Temple Srivari Darshan Path, Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517504.

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Vakula Devi Temple