katepalli beach

Katepalli – Beach, Sivalayam, Temple, Timings, Photos, Eduru, Nellore

Katepalli Beach:

Katepalli beach is one of the best beaches in Nellore District. Its Located in Samudrasnanam Rd, Eduru – II, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 524311.

katepalli beach

Katepalli Sivalayam: 

Divine location, feeling very quiet. The ocean view near the katepalli temple is amazing

Katepalli Sivalayam

Katepalli Temple: katepalli temple Nellore is a famous temple near the sea. devotees will come had head bath during Shivaratri.

katepalli temple

Katepalli Beach Nellore: 

katepalli beach nellore

Katepalli Beach Timings:

Best time to visit Morning Sunrise and Evening Sunset.

Nellore to Katepalli Distance:48 min (25.8 km) via Nellore-Krishnapatnam Rd and Kakupalli-Varakavipudi Rd

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