Kalugolamma Temple Kavali Nellore

Kalugolamma Temple Kavali Nellore

The Kalugolamma Temple (Shambhavi Temple) currently located in Kavali Town, Andhra Pradesh District of Nellore. Kavali is Nellore District's second-biggest city.

Kalugolamma Temple History:

Sri Kalugola Shambhavi Devi emerged in the dreams of the individuals of the Sarvayapalem Village, according to local legends. She is Parvathi Devi's incarnation and installs her idol where Cock sounds. The idol set up in the western part of Kavali Town. Once in 12 years celebrated in this temple "Tirunalla". This the temple built in the 15th century

Kalugolamma Temple Timings: 
6 AM – 9 PM

Kalugolamma Temple Address:  Girijana Colony Main Rd, Vaddi Palem, Kavali, Andhra Pradesh 524201

Kalugolamma Temple Photos:
kalugolamma temple kavali

kalugolamma temple